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0xCB Helios RP2040 USB-C

0xCB Helios RP2040 USB-C

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RP2040 Powered Microcontroller with Elite-C/ProMicro footprint


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Meet Helios, 0xCB's rp2040 Controller with pro micro compatible pinout, 16MB (128Mbit) of flash, Dual ARM Cortex-M0 @133MHz, and 264kB SRAM.

Helios has an ESD protection chip onboard, supports VBUS detection for split keyboards, and you can select VBUS instead of raw for the 5V pin to hook up an external USB port with the included D+ and D- pads while maintaining ESD protection.

This product is based from an open source project by 0xCB, github source files HERE


1x microcontroller

2x pin headers